August Favourites!

I am very late to do this post and I am terribly sorry! To be quite honest, it had absolutely passed my mind. If you follow me on instagram @ biscuitsnmakeup, you will get more reliable updates on my favourites. But I promise I will try and be more frequent with my favourite posts!

August Favourites
August Favourites

My friends, Julie and Hani, and I have decided to do a Favourites collaboration post stating our favourite products of the month August! I was curious as to what their items were and what they had been reaching for the most and what a better way to do so, than to write a post about them! This month I can only say I have been on a Laura Mercier craze. I have been gravitating towards her products more often and just can’t get enough of them! Just love the Tinted Moisturiser, the Translucent Setting Powder, the Caviar Eyeshadow sticks… just all of it really. In this post, I’ll be featuring my most used and most favourite products of the month of August!

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Current Makeup Removal Products

We all know putting on makeup is fun and taking it off is a chore, especially when you put in so much effort into creating that perfect wing. But the scientific law of makeup is; what we put on, we must take off.


These three items are what I reach for to take off my makeup at the end of the day. I have used these items quite religiously over the years, especially the Lancome Bi-Facil Instant Cleanser. They are great products and 2 of which, I believe is quite affordable.

Item 1: Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

I’ve gone through bottles of these over the last year. And it is so reliable to have when you have really light makeup on. There is no oily layers or oily feeling with this remover. So if you have heavy duty makeup on, this item won’t do the trick. On days where I’m lazy to put makeup on or in a rush and have barely anything on my face, such as a tinted moisturizer, or light eye makeup on, I always opt for this to take off the products from my face. It has a slight chemical smell but honestly, all makeup removers do. It won’t irritate your skin in any way and perfect for people with sensitive eyes or skin.

It is very afforable and only a couple of dollars if you catch Priceline to have the 40% off Skincare sale. I normally buy 2-3 at a time.

You would place this onto a cotton pad and gently swipe or sweep the liquid to remove the makeup. As all the other products would be used in the same way.

There is a different version of this that is more heavy duty. But I have not personally tried it, so I cannot give you my thoughts on it. But feel free to comment below if you have or buy it for yourself to try.

Item 2: Lancome Bi-Facil Instant Cleanser

The first time I used this was 3 years ago. My mother’s favourite brand is Lancome. She has been loyal to that brand til this day and her makeup collection is 90% of this brand. And I can full comprehend why. Lancome is a high end brand for not only beauty products, but for skincare too. It is a very luxurious brand that for most of us, it may cost a limb or two. Personally, I love Lancome as well, especially their foundations and facial treatment serums. It’s honest a brand I would follow my mother to love.

So I had ran out of my current makeup remover back then, and my mother lent me her Bi-facil Cleanser. Needlessly to say, it was incredibly smooth of remove my makeup. A few drops of this miracle water on the cottonpad and everything is gone from a swipe or two. It has two layers – the oils and the cleanser itself. The oil helps to remove any makeup that is on your face and the cleanser helps to be gentle on the skin and assisy in clearing away the residue.

I honestly don’t use this very often because of its price. It is very expensive for a makeup remover and my foundation routine is never towards the heavy side. So I rarely gravitate to use this product. But it is a great product! The only makeup remover that completely removes my makeup and doesn’t make my skin feel dry or irritated after use.

Item 3: MAC Cosmetics Demaquillant Makeup Remover

I had only recently went out of my way to purchase this a few months ago, because a friend suggested it to me. And I thought why not, since this bottle was only $20. To some of you, it may be pricey. But the reason I find it cheap is that it comes very close to the Lancome Bi-Facil Cleanser and that bottle costs 3 times as much.

The MAC makeup remover also has 2 layers and feels the same way as it does on my skin. Only things that I noticed is that it takes a few more wipes in areas that I’ve applied more coverage to, my skin doesn’t feel as smooth after 1 use and I have less control over the amount of product that comes out of the bottle. Though other than that, pretty much the same. I find it to be such a great alternative to my lancome bottle and that is why I find it cheaper. Highly recommended for everyday use.

These products are essentially only used to remove makeup. It doesn’t claim to really provide skin benefits but I perform my skincare routine regardless. I will attempt to find a more skin friendlier solution to makeup removal. But until then, thanks for reading!

Stay beau-thy-ful, my beauties!