Beauty Blog Disclaimers

  1. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog is entirely genuine and of my own. All judgements and comments made will be pure and will not be swayed in any form or manner.
  2. All the products that are shown in the blog posts will and are bought by me (unless stated otherwise). If sponsored, it will be directed mentioned in the blog posts and indicated in the title.
  3. If a makeup product has been gifted to me or be a sponsored product, I will mention it in the blog directly. However, I reserve the right to refuse offers or products that I feel will not benefit or make feel comfortable for my readers and I. I will always remain unbiased and will never accept payment to false advertise any products of any kind.
  4. I will always give my uttermost genuine reviews and thoughts about everything posted in this blog.
  5. All pictures will be take personally by me (unless stated otherwise, which I will be credited and sourced, rightfully captioned underneath each picture).
  6. Products that are owned are to my skin tone, type and complexion. So bare in mind that some products may or may not work as well for you as it does for me. I have warm undertones, with combination/dry skin (during Winter) and combination/oily skin during (Summer) for your reference.
  7. Products are reviewed based on my taste and likes. If a product is not to your liking, please understand we may have different styles or different opinions. As stated, all reviews are purely my opinion, and mine alone.
  8. All prices mentioned are in the Australian dollar, unless stated otherwise. The prices are personally researched by me and are the correct prices of ‘the time’ the post was made. So prices could vary from then or before the post of the product was made. Please keep this in mind.


All sponsored posts will be treated in the same way. There will be no biased nature towards hosted or sponsored products/invitations. I reserve the right to give equal treatment effective to all venues and products. All sponsored/hosted posts will be indicated by an asterisk (*) in the title of the post.

In addition:

In this blog, I reserve the right to post up blog posts that I feel will benefit our readers and me the most. I reserve the right to do a blog post of products/venues that I like, love, find intriguing or would like to test/try.

If I happen to have the slightest doubt that promoting the venue/product is harmful or providing extreme negative feedback from my readers, I have the right to not host or write that sponsored post. Though, please keep in mind, this is very different to providing negative feedback or personal opinions. If readers are not interested or dislike the products/venue, readers can always click away and read our other reviews.

For any potential problems with our factual accuracy or judgement, please be assured that it is pure. However, keep in mind that sponsored or hosted products/venues/events are a company’s way of promoting their brand and are a motive of attempting to get consumers to buy something. I will remain impartial!

If your company or business send me any products, please be informed that I am obliged to follow my own protocols and do not have to promote or advertise your products against my will. It will be upon my decision to write a review on your product when deemed worthy or not. If there is a deadline you would like me to meet, please state it clearly and we will agree or negotiate a time.

General Purposes

This blog is predominantly for information purposes only and to express my opinions about beauty products/techniques. I am no makeup artist or professional. I do not proclaim to be one. Hence, if there are some inaccuracies or you do not agree with my opinion or judgement, please understand my background.

The content posted up may be removed at any given moment without prior notice, under my discretion. I take absolutely no responsibility for the website being temporarily unusable due to any technical difficulties, so please be patient while it is being fixed because this is beyond my control.

Any comments made will be approved by me periodically, hence if I find any negative behaviour or inappropriate comments being made, I have every right to remove it, permanently, from the post. Any parties that intentionally offend me or my readers will automatically be blocked and all comments made will be deleted.

All links made in this blog will always be credited and all my pictures will always be sourced. The links are purely for information purposes only. I have no control and take no responsibility for those sites. This also does not mean I am promoting or endorsing the brand or website brand. It is genuinely used to allow readers to have easy access to more information when needed. For all blog posts, disclaimers apply!

Thankyou for your understanding and support! Stay beau-THY-ful, beauties!

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