Laura Mercier ‘Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 20’ in Sand Review

LM Tinted Moisturiser
LAURA MERCIER Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 20 in Sand

Laura, Laura, Laura – You are the apple to my eye. Laura Mercier has produced some of the most amazing makeup products on the market right now. Most of her products are raved on about by so many bloggers and consumers around the world, including Haute Flashes by Julie and the Raeviewer by Rae. What we all have in common is the love for Laura Mercier! Today’s blog is all about the much loved ‘Tinted Moisturiser’. The shade that I was matched to is ‘Sand’. There are a total of 15 shades ranging from cool and warm tones. It retails for $44 on the Laura Mercier website, but I had purchased this at the counter at David Jones for $59 AUD. It contains 50mL (1.7 fl. oz) of product with a twist cap. I honestly love this product! Worth every penny I had saved!

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MAYBELLINE Dream Pure 8-in-1 BB Cream for Oily Skin Review

When making a choice in the morning, normally we opt for the more sensible choice and choose a product that replenishes and nourishes our skin, while giving that subtle coverage and even skintone. These products being CC creams, BB creams, tinted moisturisers or skin balms are more desirable to be used on a daily basis.

MAYBELLINE Dream Pure 8-in-1 BB Cream for Oily Skin in Medium
MAYBELLINE Dream Pure 8-in-1 BB Cream for Oily Skin in Medium

The first thing that was a huge selling point for me was that it could benefit my skin in eight different ways! It was a way too hard to believe but more than enough for me to try for myself. There are only two different shades in the line (in the Priceline store) – light and medium, so I can already see a problem with this BB cream not being able to be suited to all skintones, especially those with very dark skin. At priceline, it retails for $15.95 AUD, which is a relatively reasonable price for a BB cream.


The BB Cream is said to be the…

…first anti-imperfection BB that instantly corrects and perfects.

It’s ultra gentle water based formula is infused with salicylic acid to clear imperfections and detoxify the skin. The 1-step wonder for healthy skin today, clearer skin tomorrow.

For oily-combination skin.

It has 2% salicylic acid and “vitamins” and a SPF 15.

It claims to…

  1. conceal imperfections
  2. help protect against the appearance of blemishes
  3. be oil-free, non-greasy
  4. minimise the appearance of pores
  5. clarify the skin’s look
  6. conceal redness
  7. hydrate and smoothes
  8. complement skin tone

Normally when a product tries to becomes a jack of all trades, they becomes a master of none. And that is precisely what this product did for me.


There are many ways you can apply any BB cream. You can either use a brush or your fingers. For this particular product, if you want some coverage, as well as an even application, using your fingers would be best.

The thinnest layer would compliment your skin the most, as anymore than one layer would make the product become too light on your complexion and it will accentuate all your problem areas, such as your dark circles.

It mentions on the packaging that you can use this product with or without a moisturiser.


The packaging looks like a hand lotion tube that you pop in your bag and take out when you’re hands are dry. So as not appealing as I would hoped for a BB cream but they used my favourite colour, so that’s something.

Now, here’s the horrible part. The way you get product out of the tube is easy, but keeping the product inside the tube… that’s another story.


Looking at the image above, I had only closed the cap after my first use and when I opened it … mess fiesto. I hate having this kind of mess, especially when there’s a real possibility of someone as clumsy as me would accidentally get this product on clothing. Not a great make of the tube.

Overall, the packaging could do with some improvements.

First Impression

I applied this with my clean fingers, like I would with any BB cream that I own. There is a subtle chemical smell coming from the tute, but nothing that will linger on the skin, or irritate your nose. The texture is rather smooth but the slightest greasy compared to the other BB creams. It is has a weird formula. It seems to feel very lightweight as it comes out of the tube, but when applied to the skin, it becomes noticeable on the skin as it sets. So it no longer has that lightweight texture. Most BB creams, I use, set and settle on the skin just like a moisturiser or a lotion cream.

This BB cream blends into the skin very well when you apply a thin layer all over the skin. As you can see, it does even the skin tone of my skin and kind of ‘blurred’ my complexion. But it is not buildable. As you apply more on problem areas, it tends to crease and the area looks whiter than the rest of the face. If you happen to put too much product on your face, the product doesn’t match your skintone, so the thinnest layer is best for this product.

Overall, I liked how it looked on my skin and how it felt, initially. It evened my skin-tone, especially in the centre of my face. I have a lot of redness around my nose and the tops of cheeks, but this product didn’t cover half the redness and blemishes very well. I could still see my dark circles so it had a very light coverage.


I had worn this all day and a few big red flags appeared, or should I say big red BREAKOUTS! I had worn this at 8am in the morning and by 12pm, I had started to get small breakout bumps on my forehead area. It seemed to have irritated my skin, somehow. And by 2pm, more had appeared on my skin.

The BB cream didn’t last for more than 4 hours on my skin. I started to notice the product had faded away around my chin, nose and cheeks. Not only that, my forehead felt very oily and tacky. It says it minimises the appearances of my pores, but to be honest, it looked the same as before I put on the product. So the claims that it had made… were very disappointing.

I don’t know what it was, but the formula of the product had changed as it reacted with my skin. But what I noticed was that it didn’t accentuate the dry patches around my nose area, which was good. This product did provide some moisture to the skin.

Overall, I am quite disappointed in this product. It was meant to hide my blemishes and instead, it said, “here, have some more”. I tend to not return to products that irritate my skin. Funny thing is, I do not have sensitive skin, so it is quite rare that this has happened.

The product wasn’t long-lasting, so that’s another thing that had put me off about this product as well. I had tried using a powder to extend the longevity of the product, but that had only made me looked more cakey and only extended the duration by an extra hour.

The formula had a good texture as it went on the skin, but as it settled, it just did not feel like a BB cream anymore. It had said it would provide coverage, but the amount I had put on my face was the recommended amount and that had given me such little coverage. I didn’t expect it to cover completely my sun spots or freckles, but I expected it to at least minimise the redness on my skin and the appearances of my pores. But I saw no difference at all.

So I do not recommend this product to anyone, but I have heard many others having more of a success with this product. This was my personal experience with the product and not all products will suit everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Stay beau-thy-ful, guys!