Spill the Thy: “Sneak Peek of Marc Jacobs Eyeconic Palettes!”

Recently I had the utmost pleasure of attending the BIG Sephora Showcase for 2017 for the midyear season. And I have to say… every year gets better and Sephora is stepping up their games with bringing in new products from brands that used to take forever and is now taking a few weeks to deliver to the Australian market. The first thing on my agenda and had caught my heart with no hesitation was the NEW Marc Jacob Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palettes.


Now these beauties have been said to be the NEW and IMPROVED replacements of the current season of Eye-Conic Palettes, with new formulated shades that claim to deliver perfection. Like what? I honestly thought the old Eye-Conic Palettes had already blew my socks off, already owning two myself; Dolce Vita and Starlet but now discovering that they can now improve on perfect is beyond me.

At the showcase, I got to meet the sexy six sisters. And they are…


Each of these palettes contain seven amazing shades, ranging from different finishes, includes mattes, satins, shimmers and even metallic/glitter shades. Most of these palettes were said to be inspired by editorial looks that were made by the runway and have the personality of today’s current trends, especially you can see through the palettes “Smartorial” which had that bright, bold blue shade that is in right now.

These palettes are said to be “the new generation of eyeshadow palettes that offer buttery, velvet and silky consistencies that are hard to resist“. The formula has improve to not only last on the skin, but also to create that immediate smooth and richness that every consumer dream of feeling. You can create the lightest, most natural looks or the boldest and glamourous looks with each palette and its versatility has not been compromised from its predecessor. This is due to that each palettes consists of a mix of neutral shades as well as bold pops of colour that can transform any look and it is the sex appeal of these palettes.

In my honest opinion, the new generation of Eye-Conic is much brighter and 100% bolder and filled with so much more personality than the old generation. Each palette you can see tell a story of its own and have a designed immediate feel of what look you can take with each one. The innovative and genius behind the design, look, coordination and formulation of these palettes are just phenomenal. I had the hardest time moving on to the next booth and was just dying to get my hands on the shades that laid in front of me.

I can tell you already that my wallet is already thinking about buying four out of the six palettes. Literally, I have my eyes set on Provocouture, Glambition, Edgitorial and the most sexiest array of colours in one palette is…. SCANDALUST! Now here’s the cherry to the cake… the original Eye-Conics were $89 AUD and the NEW generation palettes are now being sold at $66 AUD ($49 USD)!

There are other products being released with this palette including the eyeshadow brushes that are complimentary to these palettes, but as well as a coconut primer that offers crease-proof and intensifying application for your eyeshadows. There is also the signature miniature sets that Marc Jacobs releases every season for the lipstick range, as well as their signature larger palette that is also seasonal as well. I didn’t get to play much with these during the event but the colours, once again, look so amazing, especially with the pink and classic leopard print.

The release date has not yet been announced for the Australian market but I can spill the tea and say it will be in August! So definitely stay tuned my beauties, they will be coming soon! What product do you have your eyes on? Let me know down below!

Disclaimer: These products were not gifted to me. This is a post that enlightens readers to information about new products. I was not paid or compensated to write this post. All thoughts and opinions influenced by my personal experience with the brand and the products during the Sephora Showcase. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and genuine. Some photos used were provided to me by PR and are indicated with an asterisk (*). Other photos were taken by me personally. 

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