Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadows Review

There’s so many palettes out on the shelves and often, it’s so hard to differentiate the good ones from the bad. But be rest assured that the Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadows 8.0 are definitely worth your attention. These palettes are small compared to most palettes, but the pack a bigger punch than most! These palettes will make you fall in love without even trying hard.

Here’s a close up of these beauties!

In each palette, there is eight beautiful shades ranging from shimmers, glitters, satins and mattes. Each palette is extremely versatile, filled with coordinated colours designed to create a themed look. I was lucky enough to be sent these as PR and had the chance to try these out for myself. Looking at the price and comparing it to the size of the pans, I would think it wouldn’t be cost-effective on my buck. But after having to try it out for myself, I have completely changed my tune.

There are four varieties of these palettes and I have two to show you – ‘The Sexy Neutrals‘ and ‘The Posh Neutrals‘. All the palette are encased in a beautiful reflective plastic case, that comes with a convenient mirror, but a duo-ended brush applicator that’s a little too small (though better made than most).

What I like about the packaging is that it’s compact, simple and gorgeous at all angles. It’s the perfect size for you to carry along with you, considering how you have every shade you need to create a natural or glamourous look.

Inside each packaging, Bare Minerals have as makeup guide thats helps you do looks as well. They give you three options on what look you can create ranging from natural to bolder applications. I always appreciate when a brand thinks about the average consumer and helping out in any way they can. This by all means, does not mean the user limits themselves to what is suggested. I surely don’t. I like to experiment and see what looks I can come up with. You can obviously mix and match between different palettes, and release your inner creative animal.

The Sexy Neutrals

Here is a palette that is popular amongst the people and you can see why. It has the beautiful warm tones and is perfect for everyday! It has some beautiful shades for the most natural wash of colours, in particular the shimmer shades.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Hot Commodity, Nude Beach, Bare Skin, Pure, In the Buff, Natural, Perspective, Celebrate

Let’s get one issue out of the way so I can give my praises to this beautiful palette! I do think all the shades in the palette are beautiful and are all wearable, but I honestly think it lacks a few shades that would complete this palette, such as a mid-tone brown or even a mid-tone orange. There’s just no middle shade to help to transition between the deepest shade and the lightest shade, and more work had to be put in for blending to create a seamless fade of shades. Other than that, this palette is awesome. I personally would use the individual shimmer shades as a wash of colour for the day time and be out the door. My favourite shade being ‘Hot Commodity’ which is a deep-bronze shimmer shade and ‘In The Buff’ which is a tangerine-champagne shimmer shade.

The Posh Neutrals

Similarly like the Sexy Neutrals Palette, it contains beautiful washes of colour that you can wear on its own as an eyelook. This palette contains a range of cooler tones of shades, but still has the versatility like the other. And much like the Sexy Neutrals it also lacks that middle shade that would be perfect to seamlessly blend the shades.

In this palette, it’s harder to see a clear eye-look as the colours are oddly coordinated. Hence, when grabbing for this palette, I would also use an additional palette (especially that containing mid-tone shades) to complement it, such as my Viseart Neutrals Matte Palette or my Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette.

What I like about all the palettes is that each shade provided does not disappoint. They are all loaded with pigment, and are incredibly buttery! One of the most creamiest and smoothest formulation I have tried on the market. It has little to no kick up for most the shades and every shade blend so seamlessly! It claims to be long-lasting, though on the website, it does advise you to wear an eye-primer to increase its longevity.

Like most products in the Bare Minerals Range, they always try to incorporate skincare benefits into their products. Each shade is said to be infused with proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, meaning not only does your eyeshadow look amazing but it’s also working hard to deliver skin-nourishing benefits including softening of lines, wrinkles and puffiness. All products are made free from fragrance, parabens and alcohol. Hence it would be perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. What more could you want?

These palettes can be found at your local Mecca Maxima store or on their website retailing $58 AUD for 7g (0.24 o.z.). If you happen have the chance to go into your local store, I highly recommend you go swatching these yourself. You will fall in love instantly and next thing you’ll know, it’ll be in a basket and you’re at the checkout with it! 

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried it or if you own it already, love to know what you think of them as well! Thanks for reading, lovelies!

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me from PR. I was not obliged to write this post. It was only for consideration. I was not paid or compensated to write this post. Everything mentioned or stated were based on my own personal experience with the brand and the products. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and genuine. 

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