There is nothing like camping online or in-store for that long awaited, newly released palette that you see hyped on the social medias or by your friends for that matter. And I’ll be both for you! (Sorry but not sorry). This year, they have really stepped up their game when it came to, eyeshadow palettes (which is the majority of what I’ll be showing you today). All of these palettes share one thing in common – quality! I am highly impressed with the way these palettes performed and so glad that they are coming to Australia soon! Real soon…

New Palettes_

If you have been following me on my social media, particularly my instagram @biscuitsnmakeup, you would have seen these palettes already floating around my feed. I have already posted up my reviews on some of these and I will link them below.

The dates on their releases are unknown to me but I know they’re coming – just like that time of the month- but more of a pleasant experience.

Loreal Palettes_
L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude in 01 Rose and 02 Beige

Along with other products, L’Oreal Paris is releasing two drugstore palettes. Once these hit the shelves, there will be nothing like it! The pigment, the blendability and quality of these shades are just awesome! They have catered to both the cool-tone and warm-tone fanatics and have provided their consumers with a variety of finishes and shades for the average person to wear for everyday.

What I like most about this palette is that there are 10 shades to play around with – ranging from transitional to deepening shades that can help create neutral to smokey looks. The satin-finish and luminous pearl-finish shades, particularly are just my cup of tea. They allow such a natural radiance and gleam to the lids. The palette will be launching in February, 2016, retailing at $29.95! It contains a decently-sized mirror with a pretty handy duo-ended brush – one side being a sponge applicator and the other being a blending brush.

This palette doesn’t even look like it would a drugstore palette. It definitely looks luxurious and high-end by just the feel of it! This palette is definitely worth your buck! A review will be coming soon!



Tartelette in bloom_
Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette in Bloom

I got this palette via a shared ‘shop & box’ order and I am so happy that it will be arriving to Sephora, Australia, soon! This palette has been a godsend. The packaging, the pigmentation, the variety of shades… everything about this palette is just phenomenal. I had posted the review for this palette a couple of weeks ago. Click here if you want to know more!

Tartelette in bloom 2.jpg

In the review, I had posted up swatches, indepth insights and my thoughts on the palette. But to sum it up, YOU NEEEEEEDDD THIS PALETTE! I had compared this palette with the original tartelette palette and it is very much different to the original. The quality of the shades are very pigmented and provide such a strong colour pay off! If this picture, alone, does not convince you, please go in store and see it for yourself. You will not regret it!

The launch date on this palette is unknown but it will be releasing in a few months! So definitely keep your eye opened for this glorious palette by Tarte Cosmetics!

Zoeva Spectrum 2.jpg
Zoeva Cosmetics Spectrum Collection Palettes in Warm Spectrum and Nude Spectrum

Another great palette that is releasing in Australia! Zoeva had just recently released this palette online a few weeks ago and I just had to snag it for myself. I had not tried nor have I seen it in person. I had purely judged it based off their other palettes and have to say they are even better!

The textures of the shades are very smooth and buttery. When you dip your brush in the pans, there is little to no fallout and the variety of shades is spectacular. You cannot go wrong with these palettes. They are of high quality and they are quite affordable! Most eyeshadow palettes on the market today are about $70 or more and forces you to sell a limb before you can even think about buying it.

Zoeva Spectrum Nude

If you had seen my last blog post, I had given a complete review on these palettes, as well as one of the Blush Spectrum Palettes in Coral for you guys. It will have swatches, and indepth insights on what I think. Click here, if you want to see more!

These palettes will be releasing in early March and prices may vary to the online Zoeva site. So be sure to check out these palettes as your eyes will not stop staring at them once you have a glimpse!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for these palettes! Be sure to check out my instagram @biscuitsnmakeup for more updates as well as notice for more new palettes coming out to Aus-town!

Thanks guys and have a great weekend!


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