Have you heard? is up! And guess what you can grab your hands on? ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS! For years, my brow game has been strong because of ABH and now it’s so convenient to grab my brow products with just a click.


Anastasia Beverly Hills took over the world one brow at a time every since their pomade and brow wiz was released. Throughout the last few months, Sephora has slowly been adding in new brands and new products to keep up to date and to satisfy the demands of the every-so-eager beauty population.

ABH 3 has stepped up and now has been launched so that everyone around Australia can grab their hands on highend products, such as Marc Jacobs, Tarte Cosmetics, ABH and many more! This is especially exciting for those that live outside of Sydney and Melbourne, that don’t have a Sephora around the corner.

I was recently asked to help bring awareness to the launch of by showcasing some ABH products for you guys!


Here are my top favourite products of ABH! You cannot go wrong with these products, no matter what weather, event, or cause that may come your way! These products are the absolute ‘’ and need to be appreciated.

ABH Contour Kit (light)


The top three shades are highlight shades and the bottom three are contour shades included in the ABH contour kit.

Highlight Shades;
1. Vanilla – it is a very creamy-white and the slightest peachy shade
2. Banana – a yellow tone, banana shade
3. Sand – A sheer, dim, champagne highlight shade

Contour Shades;
4. Java – A medium warm-brown, with the slightest red tones
5. Fawn – A cool-toned taupe-brown
6. Havana – A very warm-brown, being similar to java but with deeper tones of red.

I am obsessed with this particular and it has been faithful to me for the longest time. Fawn is my favourite shade as it is just that perfect shade to mimic the shades on your face. All the contour shades are matte and are truly to just contour, suiting for people to light to medium skin. I don’t particularly use havana, as it is a little harsh on my complexion but everything else is fine.

ABH Dipbrow in Dark Brown

Please excuse the looks of this pot. It is very much loved.

My absolute favourite type of brow product is this pomade right here! It is 1000% life changing! My brow game has never been so strong! This formulae, however, needs time for you to get used to. It is very rich in colour and will create the perfect drawn hairs.


This product requires you to have a good brush to perform at its best. And I suggest the E75 by Sigma Beauty. It has the perfect brush to create very thin hairs, making my brows look the most natural and filled in.

The pomade has a creamy-like texture, almost like a spot concealer. The product glides on your skin so easily and it is incredibly long-lasting! Nothing can fade your brows away! You can either just use the pomade on its own, or you can set it with a powder/gel. It works just as well, either way.

There are many natural shades to choose from and to be honest, it is quite overwhelming. You will have to physically be present to see what shade would suit you, in order to find the best colour to match your brow hairs. It is on the pricier side of things, but it will last you months! You only need the smallest amount to mimic the perfect hairs. Make sure that you close the lid after each application, as it does dry quite fast and this will decrease the longevity of the product. However, if this does happen, it is very easy to fix. A little Inglot Duraline or argan oil would do the trick.

ABH Clear Brow Gel


To be honest, this product isn’t much of a gel. It’s more liquid than a gel but nonetheless, it does its job very well! It keeps my hairs very tamed and it stays that way for 6-9 hours depending on what I have done throughout the day.

Warning, it has a very strong chemical smell when you first apply it. But don’t get me wrong, it will not sting or burn your skin or eyes. It is just a smell that fades in minutes.

ABH Brow Powder in Dark Brown


Something you need for those days you want to just put on your brows and a smile. This powder made by ABH is one of the best powders for brows on the market. There is a perfect duo range of colours for every hair colour and the quality of these powders are just phenomenal. There are very close dupes but nothing like it!

ABH 11

I love how they give you two colours (one light and one darker) in the compact so that you can place the lighter shade at the front of your brows and the darker shade towards the tail of the brows. This is the best way I find to create dimension, as well as natural looking brows without going over the top.

And let’s take a minute to mention the incredible elegant and luxurious packaging that was designed. I just love it! They have even included a little mirror for you, so you can fill your brows in the car, on the train or even on the bus. They just thought of it all!

ABH 10

The two types of brushes that I use the compact with is the Sigma Beauty E65 and the Zoeva Cosmetics 322 Brow Line. They work very well with this product.

ABH Brow Wiz in Dark Brown

ABH 12

Last and not least, the infamous Brow Wiz! This product is another product that I very much love! The spooly and the make of this brow pencil is just incredible. There is a little of dupes on the market for this product, such as the Rodial Brow Pencil, Bare Minerals in Universal Dark…etc s0 you could possibly opt out to buying this product, as it is quite expensive.

ABH 13.jpg

There is a lot of shades available, which in my opinion, is what other companies lack. ABH has a large range of colours that would suit any natural hairs and places these Brow Wiz pencils to be on top of their game. These pencils hit the beauty community by storm and to this day is still one of the best on the market. ABH has done wonders on this product and it is very much worth your time to check out.

I use this particular product when I want little effort to be put into my brows, but still want good results. This product will be your baby! It is very beginner friendly as the pencil is not too pigmented, yet enough for you to create natural hairs. Depending on the pressure you put on the pencil, you can create very bold brows or just to fill in the bald spots in your brows. This pencil can do it all. The formulae allows you to have full control and it is very smooth to apply. It does not dry very easily and the quality will remain the same til its last stroke.

There are a lot more from ABH that I want to try and hope in the future I will be given the chance to do so. But these are my absolute favourite and staples in the ABH range. I hope you liked it and all these products can be purchased on! Go check them out and see what looks you can come up with!

Disclaimer: Some of these products were sent to me and the remaining were bought by me, this by all means does not mean I was sponsored or compensated for my review and thoughts on these products. As always, all words said are my honest opinion and thoughts of these products.

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