This year flew by so fast! And looking at what I have achieved through my Beauty Blog, I am quite content. As a little celebration, I wanted to share my thoughts on the best brushes I have used this year! These brushes have proven to be reliable and of high quality and I highly recommend these brushes to everyone! These are also my holy grails and absolute favourites to use everyday and on any product.


My brush collection has immensely expanded over the last year! Some were sent to me and some I bought with my own money. And from the many that I have – these are my go-to, must-have, super-duper brushes that I absolutely love! There’s a variety of face, cheek, contour, blending and foundation brushes and some of these brushes are also multi-functional!

Face Brushes!

From left to right: Real Techniques Exclusive 103 Bronzer, Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint, Furless CB4 Couture Large Domed Blending, Morphe E4 Angled Contour and Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer

From left to right: Real Techniques 103 Bronzer, Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint, Furless Cosmetics CB4 Couture Large Domed Blending, Morphe Cosmetics E4 Angled Contour and Morphe Cosmetics Deluxe Buffer


103 Bronzer

I bought this brush at IMATS in a set of 3. I had already own the other two brushes so I decided to share it with a friend. This brush had ended my long search for the perfect bronzing brush! I could never really find something that perfectly sculpts and warms up the face. It picks up product very well and the synthetic bristles are so incredibly soft! What I like most about this brush is that it is quite big and fluffy. It takes little to no time to bronze up my forehead, cheeks and neckline. Absolutely brilliant brush! I have yet to try the Morphe M529 brush. I plan to get this soon to see how it competes with the 103 Bronzer by Real Techniques.

109 Face Paint

I had bought this brush before Zoeva was raved in Australia. And I would like to say to everyone “I TOLD YOU SO!” This brush has done me justice in my contouring struggles! The shape and bristles in the ‘109 Face Paint’ brush makes contouring so easy and simple! It’s no longer a difficulty for me to get that chiselled cheeks. This brush beats the NARS Ita brush a hundred times over. It is much softer, cheaper and smaller. What I also think is better, personally, is that the bristles are white. It helps because I know how much product is on my brush, rather than having black bristles and not knowing how much I’m putting on my face until it’s too late.

CB4 Couture Large Domed Blending Brush

What I found odd about the CB4 Couture Large Domed Blending Brush is that it came with just a name when it was sent to me. It is a very big, slightly condense and tapered brush. It has a tapered handle that makes it perfect to store and it incredibly lightweight. Later on, when researching the details about this brush, I found out why it didn’t have instructions. This brush does it all! It blends, buffs, contours and highlights as well! Yes it does all these things that it claims but I think they were stretching it a little when it came to highlighting. Haha! Nonetheless, I use this brush to buff in all my foundations, even my cc creams! It does a perfect job at blending it into my skin. It is soft on the skin and the brush feels so nice on the skin! I love how luxurious it feels. Great brush to have in your collection!

Screenshot 2015-12-11 01.26.59

E4 Angled Contour

So many people have talked about this brush in the last 3 months and I can see why! This brush is part of the Elite Collection by Morphe Brushes and it is made of vegan bristles. Now what’s most special about this brush is something I just don’t know! It just applies the product on my face so …stunningly! The bristles must be made of unicorn hairs because that is the only explanation I have right now. This brush can be used to put on blush or bronzer, but I personally use it for blush.

M439 Deluxe Buffer

This brush is from the Flawless Collection from Morphe Cosmetics. Looking on the website, it looks incredibly cheap. But don’t let looks fool you. It looks like nothing on their website. This brush is great for buffing in your foundation! It gets in every crevasse of your face and distributes product evenly across your face! It is super soft and its density allows it to keep the coverage of your foundation as well! One of the most reliable and affordable brushes for foundations on the market! Absolute slayer!

Eye Brushes!

Brushes Eyes

All of these eye brushes are incredibly dependable to get your makeup look appearing perfect and flawless! They are all soft and have no fallout whatsoever! I have had these brushes for a while and can say you need them in your life! I’m not going to talk about all of these brushes but this does not mean I do not favour them. I just think it would be more beneficial if I talk about the main types. If you like me to talk about some others, leave a comment down below and I’ll happily tell you what I love about them! I’ll be numbering them from the left to the right as reference for you guys.

1st Brush: Zoeva 231 Luxe Petite Crease

As you can see from its name, you can tell what I’m about to say. The Luxe Petite Crease brush is phenomenal! I have never managed to blend out my crease as well before this brush came into my life! This brush belonged in a Zoeva Set called the Complete Eye set and it came along with some other amazing brushes that are presented in the photo. This brush is tapered to the point that it fits perfectly into your crease and just does the blending for you. It takes away the effort from doing your makeup. I use this to layer on different shades of browns or taupes into my crease to create that deeper dimension on the outer parts of my eye. You will never find a better brush to apply your crease colour!

5th Brush: Sigma Beauty E40 Tapered Blending Brush

I bought this brush in a Sigma Set called the Mrs Bunny’s Essentials Kit. It came with other basic brushes that I had needed to do my makeup. This kit was the first makeup brush set I have ever purchased and it was a good purchase. This brush is my go-to transition shade applier! It is soft, fluffy and efficiently does the job! It does come in as an individual brush BUT the odd thing is, the quality of the one in the set and the individual is very different. The individual E40 is not as soft and fluffy as the one in the set and I own both brushes.

6th Brush: Sigma Beauty E75 Angled Brow Brush

I could never find the perfect brush to apply my dipbrow pomade – until I met this brush. It was such a struggle to get that sharp brow and my brow game was just not strong. This brush allows you to mimic the hairs on your brow, while looking natural. It also helps to maintain some of the hairs and keeping them in place. It can be used with both powder and cream-like products but I personally think cream/wax like products works best with this brush. Just such a great brush!

Screenshot 2015-12-11 01.31.11

8th Brush: Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush

Another crease brush! It came from the same collection as the 231. This brush is a little bigger and fluffier than the 228. I normally use this brush first to layer on the lighter shade into the crease and work the 231 into the crease with a deeper shade to create that perfect blend of shades. It is slightly tapered and like the others from the collection, it has a perfect handle. As of lately, I have been using this brush to apply my highlighter! It gives me that perfect precision to give my cheekbones that pop of light. Most highlighting brushes are just controlled enough for my liking and this brush just allows me to be precise on the application. It picks up product very well.

Well this concludes my picks of my most favourite brushes of 2015. I hope this post will help you find the perfect brushes that suits your needs. If there’s any recommendations or any suggestions that you would like me to try, shoot them down below in the comments. Or if one of these are also your favourites too, I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for your time, as always my beauties! Until next time…

Disclaimer: The CB4 and 3DHD brushes were gifted to me by the respective companies. I was not paid or sponsored to talk about their products. This is my genuine thoughts on all the products. This post has not been compromised or compensated in any way. My opinions and thoughts have and will always remain true to my own word. The remaining products were purchased with my own money. All links to sigma and furless cosmetics are affiliate links as I am part of their affiliate program.  


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