IMATS in Sydney was just last week and what a great turn out it was! I had attended last year’s event and I have to say, this year was so much better for so many reasons. As you can see from the featured image, I went ALL out. It took a while to save up enough money for me to splurge comfortably, but it was all worth it, especially with the specials deals, discounts and the savings on shipping. I just had to take advantage of the event.

This year a few “special” guests attended the event as well and not just makeup artists like Becca Gilmartin or Rae Morris, but we had makeup brand creators Anna Petrosian and Jeffree Star were present! The line was incredibly long and hectic that I wasn’t able to capture any selfies or pictures of them but how great that this year they were able to attend the event!

Now, let’s get started on my haul that you guys are dying to see!

Part 1: Dose of Colours


This was the first place that I literally ran to! The line was extremely long by 12pm and I was so glad I had a game plan when going into IMATS. I grabbed 3 lip glosses and 5 matte liquid lipsticks.

Lip Glosses ; Bellini, Undressed and Rose
Matte Liquid Lipsticks ; Kiss of Fire, Coral Crush, Berry Me 2, Stone and Truffle

I also wanted Brick and Bare with Me but they had not stocked those shades at the time. It was disappointing but I’m not complaining. I won’t be swatching Coral Crush and Kiss of Fire because these are presents to a friend. But swatches for the remainder are below.


Top Row (Matte Liquid Lipsticks): Stone, Truffle and Berry Me 2  –     Bottom Row (Lip glosses): Bellini, Rose and Undressed

I was very surprised with the opaqueness of the lipglosses! LOVE!

Part 2: Makeup Forever Cosmetics


There wasn’t much of a discount on MUFE but it was at least something and I had ALWAYS wanted their Step 1 Primers and the new Ultra HD Foundation. I also have heard great reviews on the HD Pressed Powder and Bronzers, so I got my hands on those too. Very excited to give these a bang for my buck!



Part 3: Sigma Beauty

It’s not much of an IMATS haul without a pit stop at the Sigma Booth! I love the girls behind the counter! They are always so lovely and so generous with support. Will always come back! I was a little disappointed that they didn’t manage to stock up on their new contour range of brushes, but I got something just as good – their mascaras! I haven’t heard much about it, so I wanted to try it myself! ^^

L2R: F05, F35, P84, E75, Monumental Volumizing Mascara and High Caliber Lengthening Mascara

Part 3: Lashes

I made two stops at Velour Lashes Booth and the Model Rock Lashes. I was very surprised that Velour wasn’t very popular this year. Last year, EVERYTHING was out of stock and I pretty much picked up the left overs – which I didn’t mind so much. And Model Rock did a great deal where you can buy ten pairs of lashes for the price of $35! So I shared the deal with a friend, leaving me with 7 pairs. Very happy with this part of my haul! I had seen girls stack a truck load into their basket but I’m not very big on lashes but had to get on the deal. ^^


Part 4: Real Techniques

The Real Techniques booth was one of the newer booths that were present at IMATS this year and I was so happy that they were there! They had such great deals and packages on their sets and as you can conclude, the line was VERYYYYYYYY long! My friend stayed in line for me while I went to find other products and by the time I finished and paid for the items, she was only half way. It was crazy! But for the price, I can see why ^^

For me, I had only grabbed brushes that I needed so I grabbed the following;


These brushes were one of the more affordable brands that were ACTUALLY soft. I tried Bdellium Tools, Crown Brushes and Revolution Brushes and they were just not that soft – a little rough on the skin as well. I find that brushes are a good investment and that we should buy genuinely good brushes that will last the mile.

Part 5: Viseart from PM Studios


This was the BEST find I had during the day. I did not think that they would have stocked this at IMATS. Once I saw it, I went for it not even caring for how much it cost. It was something that I had wanted for a while but just couldn’t justify the efforts to buy it. And finally it is now mine! Claire Marshall had raved on about this palette and I just had to have it after that moment! It is very pigmented, smooth and all matte! Perfect palette to use on its own or to compliment another palette.

I also made a sneaky visit to Sephora and bought the notorious CC cream by IT cosmetics but I won’t include it in this post.

IMATS this year was just great! I ultimately thought the Morphe Brushes would have stocked up their individual brushes as well, just not their palettes. This was really disappointing and sad to me, because I was planning to spend the bulk of my spendings at Morphe Brushes.


If you plan to go to IMATS next year, I’m going to give you some tips and things you could do to prepare yourself – a little obsessive, but when you get there, you will see why. It’s a battle!

  1. Decide early whether you want to go or not! There’s two reasons for this; the first one is that you can save about $5 or more on early tickets and second, you can give yourself some time to set a budget aside so you can spend leisurely at the venue. I bought my tickets late July and have started saving since early October, which gave me enough time to financially prepare for IMATS.
  2. Plan your trip there! Find the best way for you to travel there and be there on time if you want to get through the doors early. The line moves quite fast in the morning, but by 10am, the line was just crazy long and you do not want to be stuck in that line when it happens. The best and fastest way to get to the venue in my experience is to train it and take a taxi from either Central or Redfern station.
  3. Know the Venue! I literally printed a map of the venue and labelled on the map where each booth was. Yes – I’m that crazy! But, it really did help because by the time I got through the doors, I knew exactly where everything was. So all I had to do was rush to the places I wanted to go without being lost or confused.
  4. Bring a friend! This is optional, but I thought it was nice to have a friend help me on the day, especially when you hesitate to buy a certain shade in a lipstick or you are indecisive whether to buy one or a million items in one go. They provide you with another prospective and it’s good to have someone ground you.
  5. HAVE FUN!

Well that’s it for my IMATS, Sydney Haul. If you attended the event, please tell me how it went for you and share what items you bought, maybe I’ll learn a thing or two from you. Or if you are interested in going and have some questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them!

If there’s anything here you would like to hear reviews on, pop it down below and I’ll get right on it!

Thanks for tuning in!

Queen Biscuit


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