COLOURPOP COSMETICS Creme Gel Colour Pots Review!


Colourpop is one of my favourite affordable brands that provide quality and so much satisfaction. Recently Colourpop has released a new range of creme gel pots and liners of both matte and metallic finishes. I absolutely loved the very wide colour range that was provided and just had to grab my hands on some of the gel liners – because I don’t particularly use pencil liners very often. Here is my review on the Creme Gel Colour Pots!


Here are a close up of the pots that I had purchased from their range – 3 metallics and 3 mattes.

Top Row (Metallics):

  • Overboard – a deepened metallic bronze
  • Get Paid – a rose gold
  • Dirty Talk – a metallic true gold

Bottom Row (Mattes):

  • Swerve – a deep onyx black
  • DTLA (downtown LA) – deep blackened blue
  • Fast Lane – intense deep blackened forest teal


There is a total 48 colours each of the gel pot and liner in the range – both having metallic and matte finishes. Each type has a matching liner and gel pot which is great to see. The gel pots are a little more pigmented and vibrant in colour than the liners. Each pot costs $6 USD and each liner costs $5. This converts to about $8.50 and $7, respectively, which really is so much cheaper than our Australian gel pots by a million times! In each pot you receive 3.0g / 0.11 oz, which I believe is the average amount you get in a gel pot. I have tried all of these shades already and I can say it is great for its value and you should definitely get it! My favourite is the metallic pots in ‘Overboard’. I can literally wear this everyday!

Now so far after trying it for a few days, what I can tell you is that it provides a lot of pros and a few cons;


  • Incredibly pigmented
  • Very smooth to apply
  • Lasts all day (literally)
  • Does not crease, nor does it transfer
  • Sets very fast
  • Does not smudge, nor does it fade
    (Though some of the shimmer from the metallics does run a tiny bit)
  • Removes very easily
  • Does not skip on the skin
  • Great for people with oily eyelids


  • It sets too fast that when you try to fix it up by adding more on, it ruins your progress and takes off product.
  • A little drying on the lids
  • You need a little more product than usual on your brush to get a smooth application

I have yet to make a waterproof test on these bad boys but so far, this gel pot from Colourpop Cosmetics have been very promising and delivered the quality and expectations that I had for this brand. I have never come across strong colours for gel liners before and it has been so incredibly smooth to apply, yet you have the full control of colour and flexibility to draw a steady line without the liner skipping or tugging at your skin. It does not irritate or break out the skin.

What I like most about this liner is that it dries fast. Now this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Beginners with gel pots would probably struggle with this product as it is quite unforgiving with mistakes. Once it has been set on the lids, it does not budge and stays put. If you attempt to apply more product, you are actually taking some product that you laid down off. So if you made that perfect wing, KEEP IT! However, for me, I have hooded eyes. So as you can imagine, sometimes the product transfers to my upper lid and it is very annoying when I have made such an effort to get my eye look complete. So I always appreciate a gel liner that dries relatively fast such as this one.

If you are hesitant to go out and give these a try, there is no reason to be. Even if you end up hating it, you didn’t have to sacrifice your soul to get one of these babies. But I can guarantee, you’ll like it, especially if you have oily eyelids like me.

Go grab your favourite colours before you have to wait a few weeks or even months for them to restock!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more 😉

Disclaimer: all the products mentioned in this post is purchased by me. This post is not sponsored, nor compensated in any way or manner. For a full disclosure of my disclaimers, head over to the ‘disclaimer’ tab.

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