LOVEMORE ‘Kiwi Acnes All Out’ Blackhead Removal Set Review

LOVEMORE 'Kiwi Acnes All Out' Set
LOVEMORE ‘Kiwi Acnes All Out’ Set

LOVEMORE is a singaporean skincare brand marketed in different asian department stores. There isn’t much I can tell you about the brand. I had bought this Lovemore ‘ Kiwi Acnes All Out’ Set from KD Beauty located on George Street in Sydney. It retails for $15.99 and can also be bought ebay as well. The name of the set is a little confusing but it is a blackhead removal treatment set that can be used by both women and men. This kind of method of removing blackheads is becoming a hit in the Asian beauty industry and it is starting to creep its way into the western society. Very unique and innovative product! But is it better than other blackhead removal remedies?


LTR: Sebum Softener, Purifying Mask, Purifying Astringment Essence
LTR: Sebum Softener, Purifying Mask, Purifying Astringent Essence (Sorry if it’s blurry)

There are three items included in this set and used separately in each step in the process of removing your blackheads.

Item 1: Sebum Softener (20mL)

  • Softens stubborn whiteheads/blackheads and dead skin cells, and is suppose to make peeling more effective.

Item 2: Purifying Mask

  • This purifying mud is applied on and is meant to stick tightly onto skin, penetrates deeply into pores to clean out oils and dirt and remove the blackheads from the pores.

Item 3: Purifying Astringent Essence

  • Used to minimize pores and tightens the pores.


On the packaging, it claims the following;

  • With its strong adhesive ability, blackheads can be removed completely turning your skin smooth immediately.
  • After the removal of blackheads, the skin will not be dry but moisture is retained on the skin. Natural kiwi fruit extract prevents further proliferation of blackheads.
  • Pores become smaller to achieve the full effect of blackhead removal.
  • The natural kiwi extract removes dead skin cells too while removing blackheads.
  • The dark skin caused by acne becomes fairer due to the kiwi extract.




This three step process is great for people with major blackheads, especially those that have blackheads peeping through the pores. The sebum softener is a clear watery substance that you massage into the pores after you have opened them with a warm towel. It is meant to act as an adhesive so that it would grab onto the mask better. After you rinse it off, you use the mask which is a thick, light-lime-green gooey substance you apply the purifying mask on and smear it around places where you have a lot of blackheads and then finish it off by using the purifying astringent essence to tighten your pores. Honestly, I imagine this to be a product that you have to use multiple times to completely rid of your blackheads. But I have seen better results from others in one use. So it really depends on your skin and how many blackheads are present on your skin.

As you can see from the pictures, it did work, but not to the degree that you would expect. It was very easy to use and I love the kiwi smell from it all. You can apply the thinnest layer and the peel works incredibly well to stay intact. While you have the mask on, you will feel an incredibly fresh minty tingly sensation as it completely dries coming from the small blue pearls in the mask. It felt very revitalising but if you have sensitive skin, this may burn a little for you.

I felt a little disappointed that I did not get all my blackheads out in one go, despite of my best efforts not cleansing my nose for 3 days. But after the application, my skin felt smoother, fresher and cleaner, as though I had cleansed and toned my face. I did not notice my pores being tighter after a week of use.

How to Use

Step 1.Thoroughly wash and clean hands.

Step 2. Put a warm wet towel over your pores for 10 minutes. This ensures you will get the best possible results from the product by opening up your pores first.

Step 3. Open the Sebum Softener, take 2-3 drops and apply over areas which are oily and have blackheads. You can apply more to your discretion, but you will not need a lot. Gently massage for 2-3 minutes into the pores. Rise the product off with lukewarm water. Remember to always keep the skin moist at this stage.

Step 4. When skin is still damp, apply adequate amount of the mask all over your pores. Make sure the masks covers the pores well and that it is one connected smear. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes (depending on how much you have applied ofc). After the mask has completely dried, peel the mask from bottom to up. (Warning, if you have tiny hairs, it will hurt a little. So slowly peel it off your skin)

Step 5. Apply the Treatment Essence on the area where the mask was applied earlier on. It helps to tighten the pores, and leave skin smooth and soft.

I absolutely love peels. The weird side of me just loves seeing the blackheads come out of my nose. I was ecstatic to have bought this product but had wished it had worked a little better for my blackheads. Nonetheless, it does work and would be perfect for people with major blackhead problems. There is not just kiwi extract in the ingredients but yoghurt as well and it is claimed to be for all skin types.

Well that’s it!

Thanks for reading, beauties!

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