Social Fail on Instagram


I had only recently gone serious about putting more effort into making a beauty/makeup instagram account. I wanted to display my collection, reach out to more people and an easy, short, direct and fun platform and find people who have the same interests and likes in makeup as I do. And there are quite a lot of ups and downs into taking instagram seriously as I’ve mentioned before in my last Let’s Get Real post. But I honestly never knew the dark side of things until I experienced it firsthand.

The passive aggressive behavior, the subtle attitude, the sly tactics and the greedy nature displayed through words and actions by other instagrammers. There is so few people that I have genuinely connected over the duration of having IG, to be exact 2, out of the hundreds that I have talked to. These two have taught me so much in 4 months and I have created such a great friendship with them both. I was even been fortunate enough that one of them lives VERY close by to me and we knew each other on IG before actually meeting. I can be sure to say, she is now a close friend and cannot see myself without my twin. The other friend lives in Melbourne and I speak to her through IG. I remember asking her how she gets her pictures to be so white and perfect and she humbly answered and helped me! Actually they both did! Without hesistation may I add. These two girls have represented such generosity and humble characters that I got greedy myself and went searching for more like them. But I ran out of luck after finding these two godsends.

Do not get me wrong, I haven’t lost hope that there are more girls out there like the two I found but I have noticed and experienced that most people tend to have such selfish attitudes when helping others. I do not see the problem in helping someone else get on their way. Why are they so afraid to do such an easy task? Is it because they are too scared that person might “steal” their style? Pls, that style wasn’t yours to begin with. Just because you can breathe, doesn’t mean everyone else can’t!  What sets you apart from everyone else is you. And just you. This is what my friend has taught me.

Are they afraid that the other person will exceed their achievements and step over them? Honestly, you should be happy for them. You should be happy that you were one of the people that helped them get there. And one day, karma will thank you for being so kind and giving then. Even if there isn’t an appreciation gesture coming your way, you should at least do it from the kindness of your heart. And yes, I know being nice doesn’t help you win or be ahead, but it does give you friends, connections, bonds and experience that will be more valuable in the long run.

I believe in being kind, I believe in helping others and most importantly, I believe in paying back my debts. If anyone has ever helped me. It doesn’t have to be about IG, just anything like get a job, taken care of me when I’m sick, paid for my food, looked after my dog, gave me knowledge, lent me their shoulder to cry on, listened to my rants, helped my career… just anyone that has gone out of their way to support me. I will always make sure I will pay them back however I can and with my forever friendship. I want my readers to remember to always be kind and remember those that have helped us to be where we are today.

Stay beau-thy-ful, my beauties!

7 thoughts on “Social Fail on Instagram

  1. You have a beautiful account. You need to realise that some people on IG a very superficial and make nasty comments to just be able to stand out. No ones needs people like this in your life.

    Ps: how do you get your images so white? How did you build up your followers? Was it organically?

    Ang xx |


    • Q1. I use artificial lighting and put up the exposure on my camera. But the best kind of lighting is natural lighting, by the window. Not directly under sunlight.
      Q2. I built up my followers just naturally. I write up my posts and people either search, have wordpress or find me thru my other social medias.
      Q3. Yes.

      I hope this answered your questions. ^^


  2. I totally agree! Since starting my Instagram profile I have experienced many different types of people who I have come into contact with. Some beautiful, sweet and genuine people such as yourself. and some who are only interested in themselves and are only interested in gain. Thanks for this article, it’s all the things which I have been thinking myself! xx


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