SPOTTED : Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

The long anticipated wait for the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection has finally come in all its glory. I had spotted them today at Priceline, Liverpool and it was just glowing on the shelf. The collection is absolutely beautiful. It is indeed very luxurious to have in your collection and is very heavily disclaimed by the Pixie Woo duo. Warning you guys now, these are not for the faint hearted.


Real Techniques has released a total of 7 brushes; 2 face base brushes in gold, 2 face finish brushes in rose gold and 3 eye brushes in silver. They are colour-coded and numbered depending on their makeup application. However, this does not define or limit the way you can use the brushes. One of the reasons why I love these brushes is how versatile they are. Not one brush does one job.

Last year way before I started my Beauty Blog, I was just too eager to get some of these brushes in my life. So I had used ‘Shipito‘ (which is a third party shipping company) to purchase them before they released here in Australia. They are all made from synthetic bristles and are weighted for that perfect balance and considered to be quite heavy since we are so used to the lightweight brushes. The metal handles are tapered towards the end of the handle and fits perfectly in your hands. They are very different to their original brushes and this has created a lot of controversy in the makeup community.

Sorry for the dirty brushes! I just didn’t have time this week.

I had purchased the Foundation, Contour, Blush and Crease Brush. My favourite out of the ones I have purchased is hands down the contour brush. These brushes are even softer than their original collection and their original collection was incredibly soft already.

Foundation Brush
Foundation Brush

This is a flat foundation brush with a triangular side. The flat surfaced side of the brush is to apply your foundation on the flat surfaces of the face, while the triangular side is to help you get into the hard to reach places, such as around your brows, around the nose and so on. I have to admit, the bristles is a little stiff in comparison to my other flat foundation brushes. You have very little directional movement to move the brush. It does feel incredibly smooth and soft, but at times, when you move the bristles in an awkward way, it sometimes pricks you – not painfully, though.

To be utterly honest, you could live without this brush. Even for the amount of time I have had this brush, I still do not completely know how to use this brush. I just much prefer my Beauty Blender or Kabuki Brushes. It is much faster and more efficient.

Contour Brush
Contour Brush

This is the flat contour brush in the Bold Metals Collection. And I gotta say, it is very dense for a contour brush and at first sight, I thought I would not like this brush at all. Considering that most dense brushes are used to pick up a lot of product and I did not want that much contour product on my face. But as I gave it a go, it had blew me away. I picked up product perfectly fine and it gave me the most perfect contoured structure. It helped blend the contour powder seamlessly into my skin, given that I used the right amount of product. I also used this with my cream contour products and it did an even better job. The softness and density of the brush was just perfect for any cream products. It is incredibly soft and does not prick your face like the foundation brush did. Absolutely love this brush!

Blush Brush
Blush Brush

Another favourite of mine from the collection – the blush brush. This brush is also very soft. It is not dense, but it isn’t scarce with bristles either. It is tapered to a slight point and it is also slightly pinched, having that paddled appearance. If you are a beginner to blush, you may find using this brush to be quite difficult at first. It allows you to pick up the perfect amount of product and gives you that perfect precision for application. However, I much prefer using a duo fibre to apply my blushes, as I find that I am way too heavy handed with my products, so what I absolutely love using this brush for is two things; setting my under eyes and applying my highlighter. It is just perfectly for these two things.

Crease Brush
Crease Brush

The crease brush is my least favourite out of the four that I have. The bristles are tapered to a round point and has a dome shape to it. It picked up product fine, and it also blends the product out very well. But what I have to go through in the process is what I dislike about this brush. It is soft on your hands but it isn’t soft enough for the delicate areas of the eyelids. It pricks at my lids and irritates them. Also, my lid space is quite small and I find that it is very big to be considered as a crease brush to me. So what I have substituted for this brush to do is just to place product in my inner corners of my eyes for highlight. I tap the product on and it works just fine. But if I use it to blend or swipe, sharp tiny needles are poking at my face. Not a great feeling.

According to the Real Techniques website, the prices (all in AUD) are as follows;

Arched Powder Brush – $65
Triangle Foundation Brush – $59
Oval Shadow Brush – $39
Pointed Smudge/Crease Brush – $39
Angle Liner Brush – $39
Tapered Blush Brush – $59
Flat Contour Brush – $65

They can be found on the Real Techniques website and selected Priceline stores.

As I said, these luxurious brushes are not for the faint hearted. They are very expensive. I would have to sell all my organs before I could afford to get all these brushes. Even though they are amazing brushes, but they will not sway you away from the price. The price is just too high to get over. And in my honest opinion knowing these prices now, it is not something you absolutely need ride-or-die kind of brushes. The original Real Technique brush do the same job and they are so much more affordable. But even knowing the price, I still want to grab the Powder Brush. One day, when I am rich and made of money, maybe then, I will buy it.

Thanks for tuning in beauties!

Stay Beau-thy-ful !

4 thoughts on “SPOTTED : Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

    • ^^ Nws ! I wish they would put up some samples for customers to feel. So you guys would know exactly what I’m talking about.


  1. Thanks for your honest review. These are pretty to look at but definitely something that isn’t an immediate must have. Hopefully the contour brush comes out online cheaper than Priceline.



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