Real-U Australia Face Cleanser, Control+ Face Gel, Lite Moisturiser Review*

Real-U is an Australian skincare brand that has been ’30 years in the making’. The Face Wash Cleanser, Control+ Face Gel and Lite Moisturiser were gifted to me a while ago directly from the Director of Real-U. They produce products without using any toxic chemicals or harsh substances, such as Benzoyl Peroxide, that could potentially harm or irritate your skin. They restrictedly holds by their philosophy of creating products that will be suited for all skin types. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, have acne prone skin, or combination, this product is said to help with it all! Though they do not aim to make huge claims, they do aim to give both teenagers and adults the ability to take control over unreliable skin.

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The company claims to have a unique patented hypo-allergenic formula that calms the skin down and reset the skin. It has no irritating substances such as Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic acid, which is said to be harmful to the skin in the long term. And they claim that their products will give you the confidence of comfortable, calm and controlled skin in 3 easy steps – cleanse, control and hydrate.

I had completely stopped my old skincare routine to give these three products the greatest opportunity to make a difference to my skin. I have combination dry skin. I’ve been losing a lot of sleep and there is some flakiness around my nose area. I have most damaged and dry skin on my cheeks, forehead and nose due to the sun and dehydration. I have used these three products together, twice a day, as instructed – once in the morning and once at night. And I gotta say, these products are pretty up there with my favourite skincare products.

There are different sized products that you can purchase from the their product range. It goes from sample sizes of 10 mL to full sizes of 100 mL.

The products retails for the following prices;

  • Gentle Face Wash Cleanser (100 mL) – $15
  • Control Face Gel (Note: Control Face Gel is aimed to be used for teenagers and Control+ Face Gel is aimed for adults)
    • 50 mL – $25
    • 100 mL – $40
  • Control+ Face Gel
    • 50 mL – $30
    • 100 mL – $50
  • Lite Moisturiser (100 mL) – $20
  • Spot Treatment (15 mL) – $28



Most of their items come in a plastic squeeze tube. The products have a simple design and very straight to the point, with no trickery in the aesthetics department that most skincare products have. The packaging is very travel friendly and dispenses product very easily from the tube. The items’ strengths comes from what’s inside the tubes. There isn’t much to say about the packaging as it is pretty standard across most skincare items, especially when it comes to moisturisers, where you have the tube and the click-on lid. Though I’m a total sucker for packaging and Real-U has mediocre packaging, having to portray the products to seem like a drugstore items, in my personal opinion.


Real-U Australia believes that “sometimes your skin needs a little more help than just using one product” for that great complexion and maintenance of the skin. They bring forth the ideals that each of their products are designed to work together perfectly to deliver great results on problematic skin and help you to control unreliable skin. None of their products are guaranteed to not strip, burn or peel your skin in any way and that it will settle and absorb into your skin, improving the look of your face.

Gentle Foaming Wash Cleanser

They mention on their website that…

Real-u CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash is the perfect way to effectively clean problem skin without removing all the skin’s natural oils or over-drying your skin. Real-u CLEANSE Gentle Foaming Wash with soothing aloe vera leaves your skin feeling clean, nourished and revitalised, and it’s pH balanced.

Control+ Face Gel

It states that…

Real-u CONTROL+ Face Gel is specially formulated for oily skin and acne-prone problem skin conditions. It contains no harmful chemicals and is hypo-allergenics.It is formulated for more persistent and problematic skin conditions consisting of no Benzoyl Peroxide and no Salicylic Acid!

Hydrate Lite Moisturiser

Lastly, Real-U’s final step in maintaining the skin is by moisturising. They say that…

Real-u HYDRATE Lite Moisturiser is the perfect way to keep problem skin properly hydrated without clogging your pores. This product is a non-greasy lotion that’s easily absorbed into your skin. With anti-oxidants for problem skin, it rebalances your skin and replenishes essential skin nutrients!


During the time I have been using these products, the claims have relatively stayed true, though my skin is not considered as problematic or acne prone. My skin isn’t oily either, nor is it sensitive, so I cannot confirm on the limitations on these products to that degree. According to my personal experience, it had stayed true to their claims and has kept my dryness at bay. By combining the three products, it had reduced the dryness of my skin and I have found that it had also provided a great base for my foundations. After 3 weeks of using this product constantly, twice everyday, I have found my skin to be smoother and easier to work with. It had genuinely levelled my skin and any foundation or bb creams that lay on my face, looks remarkably flawless.

The products have minimal traces of a fragrance or smell. It blends very well into the skin and absorbs quicker than most skincare products and a little goes a long way with this product. You would only need less or more than a dime sized amount to cover your entire face.  It does not feel greasy, nor does it settle on top of the skin. It does not react with other products placed on top of the Real-U items and it does not clog your pores, even when you decide to just use the Face Gel or Lite Moisturiser on its own. Once used on the skin, it is undetectable. It will feel like your skin, but 10 times better! At the end of the 3 weeks, my skin feels rejuvenated, re-hydrated and re-nourished! There were visible changes, where my dry patches had started to disappear and I was starting to see my skin turning back to normal skin. It did not break me out or irritate my skin. At times, skincare products have a cooling or tingly sensation when applied to the skin, these items do not have any sensation on the skin when applied in room temperature, so it goes very naturally on the skin.

Face Wash Cleanser Swatch
Face Wash Cleanser Swatch (please excuse my horrible swatch)
Face Wash Cleanser Smear
Face Wash Cleanser Smear

The cleanser comes out like a gel and it is just the slightest on the more watery side of things. It feels incredibly nice on the skin and works really well to remove all of your impurities off your skin without having to use a lot of pressure or extra equipment. You can use just foam it up between your wet fingers and work into a rich lather onto your face. Rub the product gentle around the surface of your face, avoiding the eye area.

Control+ Face Gel Swatch
Control+ Face Gel Swatch
Control+ Face Gel Smear
Control+ Face Gel Smear

It is an opaque gel that becomes transparent when worked into the skin. This gel is very versatile to fix both dry skin and oily skin, which is almost unheard of because we tend to hear products to have a specific job for a specific skin type. So this item intrigued me the most. I gotta say, I am very impressed with how it has worked on my skin. You can actually see the product absorb into my dry areas and hydrate it. But for the best results, it is best to be used after the cleanser. Apply to all areas that are problematic or to your whole face. A little of this product is all you need for it work. But apply as much as you think you need. This product does help to smooth out your skin, even though it does not claim to. It fixes any redness that you may have on your skin and it does a good job at calming down blemishes over time.

Lite Moisturiser Swatch
Lite Moisturiser Swatch
Lite Moisturiser Swatch 2
Lite Moisturiser Swatch 2
Lite Moisturiser Smear
Lite Moisturiser Smear

The Lite Moisturiser has the slightest smell but nothing that will irritate your skin or linger while it is on your skin. This product so amazingly hydrating and emollient. It glides on your skin so smoothly and easily. It doesn’t have a sticky or tacky feeling, and once absorbed into the skin, your skin is left feeling nourished and smooth, as though you have been drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. The smallest amount makes such a difference to your skin. For the best results, it should be used after the application of the Control+ Face Gel. It should be applied as often as the other products, but if you feel as though you need extra applications throughout the day, you may do so. But honestly, I found myself not having to apply more than twice a day – once in the morning and once at night.

Overall, I am very content with the quality of the Real-U products. The quality of the items had justified their claims and more! It had worked very well for my combination/dry skin and has smoothed out the unevenness on my cheeks and forehead. Though, this is not a permanent fix, as most skincare products aren’t, so it is great that a little goes a long way and that you would be using it completely of your money’s worth! I found the packaging a little common and wasn’t anything special  compared to what is on the market today. It just didn’t really stand out to me. But other than that, I would definitely be making future purchases on my own and I am so grateful to have been given the chance to review and appreciate these products.

If you are interested in the mentioned products, you can purchase these online by clicking here. There are different sizes, so they give you that great option if you want to just give it a try. But honestly, you will love it after you see the results that it gives you!

Thanks for reading beauties!

Stay beau-thy-ful, now!

  • Disclaimer *
    I had received these products for trial but was not obligated or paid to review or promote them. This post is not sponsored and I have not been paid to write this post. This is a complete and honest review recounting of my personal experiences, assessment and opinions on these products for the benefit of myself and my readers. For the full disclaimer, please refer to the disclaimer page found at the top of the page.

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