NARS ‘Blame it on Nars’ Cheek Palette Haul


I just had to. There was no shred of self-restraint that was holding me back. I just had to have this in my life. Let’s take a moment and appreciate this work of art. Nars, this packaging is just… HMMMMMMMMM!

I know it’s my third post in one day, but I just couldn’t wait to make this post! And you can see why!

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MAYBELLINE Hypersharp Wing Liquid Liner Review

As promised, a review on the new Hypersharp Wing Liquid Liner. Australia has just recently released the new Maybelline Hypersharp Liquid Liners with the Sensational Mascara that I had reviewed here, click here to my review on it if you are interested. This liner has a pretty intriguing concept in its application and is what sets apart from the other products on the shelves. It retails for $16.95 AUD at Priceline and can be found at other drugstore locations and department stores, such as Chemist Warehouse, Big W, Target, K-Mart and so on, in Australia.

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See beauties! You ask, and you shall receive! There are now official confirmations that there will be a third Sephora opening up in Melbourne, right in the middle of the city at Melbourne Central!

Australian country manager Libby Amelia said of the move, “After the huge success of our first Sydney store and the announcement of our second store at the Macquarie Centre this month, there has been much anticipation and demand for Sephora from beauty fans in Melbourne.”

What exciting news! Sephora is sure marking their territory in the beauty industry all over Australia! Having these Americanised brands so local and to us is a Hallelujah! I personally don’t make that many visits to Sephora, but I love knowing it doesn’t have to cost me a limb to pay for shipping anymore! Though there are brands such as Lorac that I still cannot get my hands on.

There are no confirmed dates through, just a confirmed location! So be ready for the opening beauties! And if you don’t live in either two places – Sydney and Melbourne – again, please don’t feel discouraged, it will be your city soon! Ms Amelia says “Sephora will continue to expand to other Australian cities outside of Sydney and Melbourne. We do recognise there is huge demand from beauty lovers across the nation.”

Stay tuned for more, beauties! Updates will be made once I find out more!