Real Techniques Bauble Collection*

Real Techniques has always been a brand that I have put all of my trust in to provide me with the perfect and effective tools for flawless and effortless application of my makeup products. They continually give us products that are not only innovative but affordable as well! They now have developed so much over the years and have now produced different collections that offer a different experience for different price points. This Christmas, Real Techniques has really brought to us a extensive range of gift sets to give to your loved ones, including the Bauble Collection which is incredibly cute.

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Sigma Beauty New Dimensional Brushes Volume II*

Happy October, fellow Biscuits! It’s my favourite month of the year and what better way to celebrate the arrival of October with a blog post about some makeup brushes I got gifted that I’m completely infatuated about. I, wholeheartedly, trust Sigma Beauty when it comes to makeup brushes. They’re a high-quality, innovative and charitable brand that produces best brushes on the market creating a benchmark for other companies. And just recently, they had launched the F87 Edge Kabuki and the 4DHD Kabuki. They are incredible brushes that’s multipurpose!Read More »

Mecca Max Launch*

It arrived. It conquered. It dominated and brought its A-game to the “MAX”! Mecca Maxima, one of Australia’s leading beauty stores, had launched their own line of makeup called Mecca Max that has blown me away! They deliver such amazing quality, the formulation on the majority of the products is top notch and there’s a vast variety of items that quickly become essential pieces to your makeup bag. In this blog, we’re going to go through some potential starter items from the line. Read More »